Walking the Labyrinth

A labyrinth is a pattern with a single entrance and a single path, winding or circuitous, leading to the center and back out again.  There is no choice to make about which way to go, there are no tricks and there are no dead ends.  The path leads you directly in and directly out again. Walking the labyrinth grounds you in the present moment: a respite from our busy-ness, it provides focus and calm and a means to integrate what you are experiencing.

A Walking Meditation…

There is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth.  It is available to use in whatever way you need:

  • As you move toward the center, let go of thoughts, grief, fatigue and preoccupations. If thoughts keep coming, that’s normal. Just keep walking and focusing on the path in front of you.
  • When you reach the center, rest:  sit, stand or kneel and feel your body and your emotions.  If you want to pray or meditate, focus on what you want to say to God.
  • On the return path, follow the same path back out. Listen for any responses that may come.  Feel the peacefulness.  Carry what you’ve received back out into the world.


An invitation to prayer

The labyrinth at Peace is located outside the church at the north end of the sanctuary. It is open for use any time, weather permitting. The labyrinth is lit at dusk until midnight for those wishing to walk in the evening.  Also enjoy the Peace Mosaic on the sanctuary wall.

Our Labyrinth…

The Labyrinth at Peace is patterned after the labyrinth built in Chartes Cathedral, France in 1201.  Our labyrinth is the first one created in our county, thanks to premier labyrinth artist and designer Robert Frere.